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The Greatest Rivalry In Sports? -
Rivalry Week – What’s On The Line – College Football Betting Wk#13 -

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SEC East Recap & SEC Betting Preview Week 12 -

FLORIDA – The Gators rebounded from their lackluster performance at home against Vanderbilt, and we had them in a teaser which has now gone 18-4 since the beginning of last year.  We teased the Gators with South Florida and not only did we win, but they both covered the normal spread in large fashion.  The Gators coming off a win ATS by 7 or more points are 1-3 ATS on the season, Moving Forward – they only covered the spread by 3 points this past week so hands off for me.  I will say this, Florida has a lot of motivation even against Florida Atlantic.  Nobody is giving them a chance in the college football playoff, but this team lost at LSU and that was it.  They haven’t looked sexy in any of their games and I would expect the defense to at least come close to shutting out Florida Atlantic. GEORGIA – Got a huge win on the road which probably saved Mark Richt’s job.  Every time his job seems to go under question he comes up with a huge victory and he was an underdog on the road against Auburn and I backed him and covered.  The defense […]

SEC West Recap & SEC Betting Preview Week 12 -

More or less my podcast which you can listen to here, but if you’d rather read it here it goes: Today we are going to get into the SEC in the same way as well as break down some of the upcoming match ups, and recap week 11 as we had a ton of interesting things happen.  I’m very excited as we look towards week 12 which should be our 4th profitable week in a row.  Overall we went 7-4 ATS on the week (3-1 in SEC games) 5-2 on Saturday an d are 22-8-1 ATS the last 3 weeks of college football.  You know I’ve said it over and over.  I never lie about my records. If you listen to this show you know that I’m extremely humble.  I’m never ready to stop working, because I’ve had a little luck.  It’s about the long term profitability.  I may not be on top this year, but I have profited, and in the end I will profit.  I’m dedicated to giving you the best analysis for your picks.  You’ll have some handicappers out there that don’t even release an analysis and only a play.  I’m ranked #1 in overall profit on […]

ACC Week 11 Betting Podcast -
ACC Week 11 Betting Preview – Vegas is lying to you -

I took a deep look at the ACC to find out where Vegas is in the market on these teams and just how accurate they are when they release a line.  Notice Vegas sometimes will release a line to attract action on one side, and other times they are extremely sharp.  For instance teams like Virginia, and Boston College and Pitt.  Vegas has been extremely sharp in their games.  Only 6 times in those 3 teams games has Vegas been off by more than 7 points. For the conference as a whole Vegas has been off by a TD or more 54 times out of 127 possible opportunities. 58% of the time Vegas will be accurate with the line they post by less than a TD.  What we hope to see is what the team does the next week ATS.  In this situation we are looking for wins ATS the following week the team did not cover the spread by 7 points or less, and a loss following a week where they covered the spread by 7 points or more. Teams following a win ATS by a TD of 7 or more are a combined 9-20 ATS, if you simply […]

Big Ten College Football Betting Review Week 9 -

Illinois vs. Penn State – What an ugly game for Illinois who were only 5.5 point under dogs coming into this contest, but they put up just 167 total yards while Penn State nearly doubled them in first downs and had 400 total yards.  The biggest shock for me was that Illinois had been playing well then they lose a tough one at Iowa go on a bye and lose at home to Wisconsin 13-24, and now 39-0 to Penn State.  This was the first time Christian Hackenberg looked great all season 21-29 266 yards and 2 TD’s and Penn State is that very tricky team for Michigan and Michigan State down the stretch. Outlook – Penn State goes on the road to face Northwestern, who is off a bye and will be 2.5 point under dogs.  It’s hard to bet on this Northwestern team, but Penn State is probably looking towards Michigan at home the following week, but Penn State really seems to be putting things together on both side of the ball, I think Saquan Barkley’s health at RB is the key for Penn State, and I’ll probably pass on this game, although I think it raises a […]