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College Football 2016 – Top 6 Quarterbacks -

Check out my podcast as I talk about: Predict your profit with my prediction profit tool  #6 – Greg Ward.  Ward was one of 2 QB’s in 2015 to throw for 2,00 and run for 1,000 yards the other one will come on this list later.  What was impressive for Ward was he hit on 67% of his throws and Houston lost the only game he missed.  Ward is a clear dark horse for the Heisman this year. #5 Seth Russel – Baylor has a great system for QB’s as was proven last year when they had to go deep into their depth chart.  They showed that Jarret Stidham who started 3 games was almost as effective as Russel.  Russell is back and I see no reason why he won’t be the starter and put up huge numbers with a talented receiver corps. #4 Baker Mayfield – He was a Heisman trophy front runner at the end of last year, but lost some ground when he missed a game.  Many people may not like Mayfield because he wears his heart on his sleeve and plays a passionate brand of football that may be compared to Tim Tebow.  Mayfield completed 68% […]

Sports Betting Money Management vs. Stock Market -

For a rule of thumb my money management strategy has not changed over my professional handicapping career.  I wager 1-5.5% of my bank roll.  5.5% on my most confident plays and 1% on my least confident plays and it has produced huge results, especially in college football. The purpose of this article is to compare betting on sports with the stock market against good growth stock mutual funds with long term yearly ROI’s of around 10-12% according to the market average.  You can expect 12% yearly growth in the stock market if you know what you are doing.  Actually it’s not that hard as long as you stick to simple plan and don’t get too greedy.  Here is a great article on the 12% reality, “The current average annual return from 1926, the year of the S&P’s inception, through 2011 is 11.69%. That’s a long look back, and most people aren’t interested in what happened in the market 80 years ago.” Now that’s great when you are talking about investing and earning a return on your money.  Say you put in $10,000 a year into the S&P or similar growth stock mutual funds over a 7 year period.  This is what […]