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Scott Rickenbach Scott Rickenbach
RED HOT START to 2022! 2-2 Friday but his totals now 21-6 / 78% YTD! Current runs NFL 607-493! CFB Top Sides 103-88! NFL/CFB +$75,740 (+171 gm)! EPL Tops +$32,330 (77-44)! CBB +$38,530 (+69 gm)! NHL Tops +$65,480!
He is 26-9 / 74%! CBB *EARLIEST CASH* NOON ET!

LATE BREAKING BANGER! The value here just too much to pass up on so Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach, off a rare CBB totals loss yesterday, is pulling the trigger on this HIGH NOON Earliest Cash match-up! MUST HURRY! Game is about to TIP! You don't want to miss what he has to say about this one! RED HOT in 2022 with CBB and all totals 26-9 / 74% YTD!

*This package includes 1 NCAA-B Total pick

100% this YEAR! NBA *PA DOMINATOR* 2 ET!

Google Rickenbach PA and you will see where Scott's family roots are. The Bulldog has followed the Philly sports scene like a hawk for 40+ years! To the surprise of no one he continues to DOMINATE in 76ers games! Going with or against them or playing their totals. Passed in NBA yday, no way he's passing today! 2022 he is 4-0 in PHI games! 100% YTD!

*This package includes 1 NBA Spread pick


100% PERFECT in PLAYOFFS with his NFL Top Plays! 3-0 with HUGE WINS: Bills dismantled Pats, 49ers +3 OUTRIGHT over Dal, OVER in KC crushing total by 20+ points! Now an NFC match-up DEMANDS status as his GAME OF THE MONTH! Overall, his NFL 3-2 in playoffs but Tops are 3-0 and are 5-1 / 83% NFL L2 WEEKS! On Monday, GAME OF THE MONTH seeks 4 IN A ROW!

*This package includes 1 NFL Spread pick

Rickenbach 3-DAY All Sports Package! *UP $140,550!*

From February 2018 (he moved to Vegas) through October 19th, 2020 with all picks in all sports, Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach (18 YEAR industry veteran) produced a WINNING record -> 210 games over .500 -> compiling $140,550 net profit for dime players -> $1,000 a game! Your MASSIVE discount with this 3-DAY package is HERE! The Bulldog's picks - ALL of them in ALL sports - for an average cost of JUST $33/day!

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Rickenbach WEEKLY All Sports Package! *UP $140,550!*

From February 2018 (he moved to Vegas) through October 19th, 2020 with all picks in all sports, Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach (18 YEAR industry veteran) produced a WINNING record -> 210 games over .500 -> compiling $140,550 net profit for dime players -> $1,000 a game! Your MASSIVE discount with this WEEKLY package is HERE! The Bulldog's picks - ALL of them in ALL sports - for an average cost UNDER $29/day!

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Rickenbach MONTHLY All Sports Package! *UP $140,550!*

From February 2018 (he moved to Vegas) through October 19th, 2020 with all picks in all sports, Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach (18 YEAR industry veteran) produced a WINNING record -> 210 games over .500 -> compiling $140,550 net profit for dime players -> $1,000 a game! Your MASSIVE discount with this MONTHLY package is HERE! The Bulldog's picks - ALL of them in ALL sports - for an average cost UNDER $14/day!

*This subscription includes 3 Picks (1 NBA, 1 NCAA-B & 1 NFL)

Rickenbach NHL 2021-22 Season SPECIAL *Hockey EXPERT*

Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach ANNUALLY DOMINATES the NHL action and, though the pandemic impacted year (last season) was up and down for him, the last full season (2019-20) was his typical DOMINANCE with $34,970 in FULL SEASON net profits! Taking advantage of UNDERDOG value is part of his game and that is why he PROFITED HUGE! Don't miss his FULL SEASON of NHL including ALL the post-season action! You can enjoy 9 MONTHS of NHL action from October 2021 through June 2022! Hockey EXPERT!

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Rickenbach FULL SEASON NFL *+$100,820* EARLY BIRD - 25% OFF!

Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach is one of the most successful football handicappers of all-time! His Football Net Profits (+$100,820) since 2012 and entering the 2021 season arguably make him #1 RANKED over those NINE SEASONS combined! That included a HUGE 2018 in BOTH the NFL and CFB! He did it AGAIN in 2020 with BIG WINNING SEASONS once again in BOTH the NFL and in CFB - a combined 26 games over .500 and hitting just under 60%! This gets you ALL HIS NFL (he has had MANY big NFL seasons) all the way through the Super Bowl! All Pro Games including NFL Playoffs! 

*This subscription includes 1 NFL pick

Matchup Selection W/L
NHL  |  Jan 17, 2022
Red Wings vs. Sabres
in 2h

NHL Free Pick Monday Buffalo Sabres Money Line +120 vs Detroit Red Wings @ 1:05 ET - The Sabres offering excellent line value here versus Detroit. Yes the Red Wings just blasted them 4-0 in Detroit on Saturday but it was the perfect spot for that as Buffalo had just upset Nashville 4-1 on Thursday! Prior to the big win Saturday, the Red Wings had endured a losing stretch and, by the way, this Detroit team has lost 6 straight road games. Hard to lay a price on the road with a team like that. Yes the Sabres have struggled too but given the revenge aspect and home ice edge, the home dog absolutely worth a look here. Free Pick BUFFALO +120

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-B  |  Jan 16, 2022
Loyola Maryland vs Lehigh
OVER 133 -106 Lost
Play Type: Top Premium

CBB In the Zone Sunday Top Play 10* OVER 133 in Lehigh Mountain Hawks vs Loyola Maryland Greyhounds @ 6 ET - This total has moved lower than it should be in my opinion and we have excellent line value here as a result. The Greyhounds have won 4 straight and 9 of last 11 so they are playing with a lot of confidence. Loyola Maryland, and not including OT points, has had only 3 games out of last 10 that have totaled less than the posted total on this game. The odds are in our favor to top this total because Lehigh also playing with added confidence from winning 5 of last 6 games. No the Mountain Hawks are not a great team by any stretch of the imagination but winning games and now playing again at home here, it all adds up to confidence and a good pace of play. Lehigh has averaged 78.4 points scored per game in those 5 wins. 10* OVER 133 in Lehigh

Matchup Selection W/L
NHL  |  Jan 16, 2022
Canucks vs Capitals
OVER 5½ -121 Won
Play Type: Top Premium

NHL Early Annihilation Sunday 10* Top Play OVER 5.5 in Washington Capitals vs Vancouver Canucks @ 2:05 ET - Both teams off low-scoring efforts yesterday and I feel that has given us excellent line value here with this total dropping to a 5.5 in some of the big books. We'll take it in a non-conference match-up and with the Capitals off a 2-0 win in a very tightly-played physical low-scoring battle with the division rival Islanders yesterday. They now go from that to a non-conference opponent and plus the Canucks have allowed at least 4 goals in each of their last 3 games. Before yesterday's 4-1 loss, each of Vancouver's last 3 games - which did include a 5-2 win - totaled 6 or more goals. The Capitals, before the shutout win yesterday, had lost 4 straight and allowed 4.3 goals per game in those defeats and I feel strongly that we are going to see a game with a lot of open ice and quality scoring chances here given the back to back situation. Also, back to backs tend to test a teams goalie situation and that is another strength here as the shutout was from Vanecek yesterday and plus the Canucks used their #1 netminder, Demko yesterday. 10* OVER 5.5 in Washington

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Jan 16, 2022
Steelers vs Chiefs
OVER 46 -108 Won
Play Type: Top Premium

NFL Wild Card Total of the Year Sunday 10* Top Play OVER 46 in Kansas City Chiefs vs Pittsburgh Steelers @ 8:15 ET - Decent football weather expected for this one with no precipitation, temperatures right around freezing and winds around a moderate 10 mph. Both offenses will have the playbooks wide open for this one. Now I know that the Steelers offense has struggled but the way I see this game playing out is the Chiefs getting a big lead and then we're going to see some extra scoring in garbage time for sure. Just like Big Ben had a big game in his final home game of his career two weeks ago, the Steelers also want to give him a good send off here and everyone will likely be doing their part in that regard. That means more points than you would likely expect from the Steelers here. Keep in mind, the Chiefs have allowed at least 24 points in 3 of last 4 games and that is part of the reason the over trend is 5-0 last 5 Kansas City games. Also, about that Steelers defense, it has not traveled well. Pittsburgh has allowed 33.4 points per game in last 5 road games. The Chiefs are favored by about two touchdowns here and given the above numbers and the situation with Roethlisberger airing it out in this game I feel certain, look for a 35-21 or 38-24 type game here. This should fly over as a 6th straight KC game tops the number. 10* OVER 46 in Kansas City

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Jan 16, 2022
49ers vs Cowboys
+3 +102 at pinnacle
Play Type: Top Premium

NFL Contrarian Crusher Sunday 10* Top Play San Francisco 49ers +3 @ Dallas Cowboys @ 4:30 ET - You all likely know the traditional factor of a home team generally having a factor of 3 points in the line in the NFL. That said, this line is saying that these teams are equal even though Dallas finished 12-5 and won their division while the 49ers barely made the playoffs! San Francisco's 10-7 record placed them 3rd in their 4 team division. With all this said, you know where that places me on this game. When something does not look right most will just line up on that side where they feel there is a mistake and now they miraculously have some gift from the odds makers. It just does not work that way folks. Many may be enticed to play Dallas at home -3 here but in typical contrarian fashion I am on the other side of the public in this one. The Cowboys went only 5-3 at home this season and the Niners went 6-3 on the road. Also, SF won 7 of last 9 games and Dallas - other than 2 wins against Eagles in divisional battles - went 1-4 in games against playoff teams. This is another game where all the pressure is on the home favorite. In fact, the expectation is that if Cowboys don't make a run in this post-season there will be some coaching staff shake-ups. This is a lot of pressure on a team and Dallas has never been known for handling pressure well. Upset alert! 10* SAN FRANCISCO +3

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Jan 16, 2022
Eagles vs Bucs
+8 -115 at linepros
Play Type: Premium

NFL Earliest Dominator Sunday 8* Philadelphia Eagles +8 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ 1 ET - The big underdog Eagles getting some help from mother nature in this one as very windy conditions expected in Tampa for this one. This could limit the passing games a bit and when you compare the running games of these teams the Eagles certainly hold the big edge. Since Philadelphia went to their heavy ground attack, that is when the team has flourished. Prior to their loss in a season-ending finale that had no meaning to them (guys sat, etc) Philly had won 7 of 9 games. Of course the Buccaneers are the defending Super Bowl champs and finished the season red hot so I am not saying the Eagles win this outright of course. I am simply saying that getting more than a TD is offering great value here. Before their blowout win over the Panthers in the season finale, only 5 of Tampa Bay's last 14 games were Bucs wins by more than a TD! The Eagles know they must get after Brady in this game and between the wind and QB pressure, I think Tom Brady and Company will be held in check more than usual in this game. The "we have nothing to lose" Eagles come into this game loose and relaxed knowing nothing is expected of them while all the pressure is on Brady and Company as one of the Super Bowl favorites. Glad to grab the big points here. 8* PHILADELPHIA +8


Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach ranks among the most consistent and reliable handicappers in the industry on a year in and year out basis. With his affinity for statistics (truly a "numbers whiz") Scott naturally chose a career in business in 1993 when he earned his 4-year university degree (Bachelor of Business Administration) and, in the same year, passed all 4 parts of the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam on the first sitting. As a CPA, Scott's business acumen led to razor sharp money management skills. His "sharp line analysis" assures clients get the most "bang for their buck." Rickenbach ultimately chose his true passion (high level sports analysis) over high finance. Now 46 and in his prime, Scott brings decades of experience in full tilt sports research to the table. He’s been handicapping on the professional level for 15 years and prides himself on the fact that documented records exist for each and every selection he makes. His decade plus of documented results in the industry have included a wealth of top five finishes in all of the sports. This has included many #1 net profit rankings for multiple seasons and multiple sports including high ranking finishes in NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL, CFL and MLB. The nickname? A bulldog is a breed known for its courageousness, tenacity and determination. Scott earned the nickname, “The Bulldog” for his tenacious pursuit of profits and an unrelenting work ethic to be a top handicapper in the industry. Scott has built a deep client base and loyal following because of his consistent results and honest and open approach to handicapping. Join "The Bulldog" today and you'll see the integrity and professionalism shine through.