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Vegas Makes Mistakes – MAC Conference Margin of Victory ATS Analysis -

During last year’s podcasts we came up with many NCAAF Predictions based on some of the mistakes that Vegas makes.  This is especially true in the lower conferences like the MAC Conference where Vegas was off by 10 or more points against the spread 71 times last year.  I make a point to talk about this in my podcasts about public perception and when Vegas thinks they can make money.  It typically happens after a bad loss or a bad win against the spread.  Before we look at what happened in 2015 lets take a look at who is favored to win this conference based on the college football odds. After a Cover of 10+ATS: College football against the spread in the MAC Conference has some interesting statistics.  When we look at the following week after a team covered the spread by more than 10 points.  MAC teams went a combined 18-17-3 ATS which on the surface does not look like a great advantage for anyone.  It looks perfectly normal, but we looked at teams over .500 vs. teams under .500 and the results are staggering and make a lot of sense. Teams who finished with a record over .500 went 18-9 ATS the following […]

College Football Betting Podcast #10 – Neutral Site Games Week 1 -

A key aspect of handicapping college football goes without saying, but I’m going to say it again.  Location, location location.  Many do not even pay attention to where the game is played.  While the majority of these games are home games in week 1, we seem to have more and more on neutral site locations, because it’s all about making money for NCAA.  Speaking of making money – make sure you check out my article comparing sports betting against the stock market.  I have also linked a few other useful links below. Contact me –  / Twitter @freddywills / Subscribe on ITUNES / / Freddy’s College Football ROI Tool  Other Links:  Free College Football Picks – From 100+ handicapper / Buy Premium Sports Picks Tonight / Check our handicapper leaderboard Freddy’s Season Pass – $749 Pick up Freddy’s season pass now guaranteed or your $$ back!  You will gain access to his picks that have won clients thousands!

Free NFL Picks -

All of our expert NFL handicappers have one common goal in mind. Help you make money by cashing tickets at your sportsbook. One of the ways that our experts do that is by providing free NFL betting advice throughout the season with their free NFL selections.  The one thing to keep in mind, is that these are their lowest-rated plays that don’t make the premium card. If you serious about winning, you are going to want to get on board with their premium plays.  To see what premium picks our pro football experts have available today, head over to our Premium NFL Betting Advice page.  Here is a glimpse of some of the top plays available right now: No free NFL picks are currently available. Please check back later or view all available free picks across every sport. If you are looking for free NFL picks against the spread to help you build your bankroll, you have come to the right place.  Here at our roster of experts consist of nearly 100 of the best NFL handicappers in the business today.  As a way of proving to you their knowledge and expertise on the pro gridiron, many will give away free […]

Start Getting The Best Information Now -

When you sign up you can start purchasing premium content from over 100 professional handicappers.  Get the premium information that has made clients thousands.  Not sure where to start check out our top handicappers to follow page! It is important to pay close attention to our research tab and do the research by looking at our sports handicapper leaderboard and short and long term handicapper trends. Any questions contact us.  Good Luck!  Here are some of the very best plays available right now!  These are the very best for NCAAF picks & NFL against the spread information.

College Football Career Leaders – Freddy Wills #1 College Football Handicapper -

College football starts tonight!  Freddy is your career profit leader and 2 time national champion on the sportscapping network.  Going up against more than 100 professional handicappers.  If you follow any of his advice and confidence ratings you have made a lot of money over the last 7 years, check out his article on to compare Sports Betting Money Management vs. Stock Market  you can also check out more using Freddy’s College Football ROI tool  or his NCAAF Top Play Career.   Visit – for Freddy’s picks and special guarnatee packages! Here is what some say about Freddy Wills on the sportscapping network If you are looking for our most proven NCAAF handicapper, who has been the most consistent long-term, you are going to want to get signed up with Freddy Wills. Dating back to 2009, Freddy and his $1,000 clients have pocketed over $77,000 on the college gridiron. Wills doesn’t just have one NCAAF title, but two, finishing No.1 overall in both 2009 and 2011. He also posted another Top 10 finish in 2013 (No. 7). He doesn’t waste any time building up his clients bankrolls, as he’s working on a 34-19 (64.2%) run on all NCAAF Top Plays in […]

demo -

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”127″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] I know there is a stigma out there about betting on sports, and many people are hesitant to spend their money on a sport service. If you are like me you are not dumb you realize there are a lot of frauds out there and it is difficult to realize who you can trust. I am a very conservative investor when it comes to the sports market and I recommend you read my article comparing sports betting and the stock market for a better sense of how I look at investing. I will always post a full in depth analysis so that you understand my logic and can bet with confidence. Every single pick is released one minute after the game in my records table with my analysis. Why? I want to show you that all of my recommendations are recorded and shown to the public. Integrity is the most important value of my service, and I do everything I can to protect it and honor it. Even honest guys can lose and you might still be a littler nervous. It’s understandable. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you purchase my play anywhere else you will receive an equal […]

College Football Discount Pacakge – Available until 10pm tonight -

The best time to buy is right now.. This package won’t be around for long. Just until 10pm tonight only at Only $749 for the entire season for Freddy Wills. Here are some key links to help you with any questions you may have about Freddy Wills and his college football picks. Freddy’s Guarantee Freddy’s college football roi tool Freddy Wills Top play history Why invest in Freddy Wills Looking for another handicapper or a solid NFL handicapper read our article on top handicappers to follow Thanks,      {display:none;}

Sports Betting Match Up Tool -

Below you will find a very useful tool whether you are looking for live odds or betting previews, injury news or against the spread statistics.

College Football Betting Podcast #9 – Non Power 5 Surprise Teams -

We have spent a lot of time looking at the power 5 conferences and breaking down 10 of my top surprise teams, but there are teams that exist in the non-power 5 believe it or not.  There are some interesting conferences in college football in 2016 that can have an impact on the 2016 bowl predictions. On today’s podcast we will be talking about my Non-Power 5 College Football Surprise Teams 2016 season and I promise to keep it to 30 minutes, because your time is important to me! Here are some key things you need. Contact me –  / Twitter @freddywills / Subscribe on ITUNES / / Freddy’s College Football ROI Tool  Other Links:  Free College Football Picks – From 100+ handicapper / Buy Premium Sports Picks Tonight / Check our handicapper leaderboard

Top 5 Surprise College Football Teams 2016 Podcast #8 -

I will be chatting about my top 5 surprise teams of the 2016 college football season and I promise to keep it to 30 minutes, because your time is important to me! Here are some key things you need. Contact me –  / Twitter @freddywills / Subscribe on ITUNES / / Freddy’s College Football ROI Tool  Other Links:  Free College Football Picks – From 100+ handicapper / Buy Premium Sports Picks Tonight / Check our handicapper leaderboard

College Football Odds & Week #1 – 2016 -

Below you will find the odds for college football for week one starting on August 26th.  Part of my due diligencee on a weekly basis is studying these college football odds, and developing leans for that week.  Another part of my process is running each game through a series of 12 algorithms giving me leans and seeing where those match up.   From there I will see which match ups fall under a certain level of criteria which allows me to narrow down the number of games I’m going to research to the next level.  Rather then looking at 60 games in given week I am able to cut that number in half or even more at times. According to the college football odds for week one I will be looking at twenty games.  There are four or five that are right around key numbers that I won’t bother looking at unless they get to a key number.  For instance if the game is at 6.5 and I like the under dog, but I”m not crazy about them winning outright.  I won’t even look at that game unless I see that number get pushed to 7.  A lot of the times […]

College Football Odds -
College Football Neutral Site Games Week 1 – 2016 -

A key aspect of handicapping college football goes without saying, but I’m going to say it again.  Location, location location.  Many do not even pay attention to where the game is played.  While the majority of these games are home games in week 1, we seem to have more and more on neutral site locations, because it’s all about making money for NCAA.  In 2015 we had five neutral site games including North Carolina vs. South Carolina.  Then we had Auburn and Louisville, Arizona State vs. Texas A&M, Bowling Green vs. Tennessee, and Wisconsin vs. Alabama.   In 2016 shit just got crazy as we have a total of 9 games all premium match ups being played on neutral field.  Some neutral locations as crazy as Australia and Dublin!  Why the fuck are college football games being played in these extreme locations?  It’s all about money to the NCAA and it’s complete bull shit that these college athletes have to make these trips.  Sorry I’m all about tradition and rivalries and I think these neutral site games make it less and less American.  Some of you may be thinking wait a second.  These kids are extremely lucky to be traveling […]

Vegas Win Totals Sun Belt Conference 2016 -

  The Sun Belt Conference does not get much love, but it’s one of the most interesting conferences to handicap, because you can always find betting value.  Which is all I really care about when I handicap games.  Vegas has spoken and the college football odds are below and they state that it’s between 3 teams. Team Win Total Prices Appalachian State 8.5 Over -110 Under -110 Georgia Southern 8 Over -110 Under -110 Arkansas State 7.5 Over +100 Under -120 Louisiana-Lafayette 6.5 Over -110 Under -110 Troy 6 Over -110 Under -110 Georgia State 4.5 Over +105 Under-125 Idaho 3.5 Over -125 Under +105 ULM 3.5 Over -110 Under -110 New Mexico State 3 Over -110 Under -110 South Alabama 3 Over -110 Under -110 Texas State 3 Over -110 Under -110 I am going with the favorite in Appalachian State.  They were one of the teams I mentioned in my ncaaf picks for surprise teams out of the non-power 5.

Non-Power 5 College Football Surprise Teams 2016 -

We have spent a lot of time looking at the power 5 conferences and breaking down 10 of my top surprise teams, but there are teams that exist in the non-power 5 believe it or not.  There are some interesting conferences in college football in 2016 that can have an impact on the 2016 bowl predictions.  I do apologize, because I included Houston as my #3 team in my blog post, “TOP 10 SURPRISE TEAMS – COLLEGE FOOTBALL POWER 5 CONFERENCE 2016: PART 2.”  All that really means is you get an extra surprise team that I will talk about that will have in my opinion a betting edge. The first three I will cover are teams that may not be under valued.  I expect them to win their divisions, but they are surprise teams in the fact that they could get a major bowl and have the potential to sneak into the Top 10! Appalachian State (SUN BELT) 11-2 in 2015 I mentioned this team in a previous podcast when I went over the most experienced college football defenses for 2016.  Appalachian State return 73.46% of their production from 2016 when they finished 11-2.  Their only losses were on the […]

Contact Us -

Welcome to – Where Records Don’t Lie! Read more About Us. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions when navigating the website.  Here are some useful links as well. Become an Affilliate | Handicapper Application | Purchase Handicapper Website | Privacy Policy | FAQ | Guarantee Policy

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About – Where Records Don’t Lie - is part of a sports handicapper affiliate network where professional handicappers offer their expert sports wagering advice to the public. We track each capper’s results independently so you can trust the records on display. This makes it easy to determine who knows how to beat the odds in each sport. Freddy Wills is our lead handicapper and founder of and you can learn more about what Freddy Wills is all about here: About Freddy Wills Freddy Wills Discount Packages Freddy’s ROI Calculator (Averaging 49% Yearly) Freddy Wills Archived Analysis Why invest in Freddy Wills Freddy Wills POD Reports Freddy’s Guarantee Freddy’s Awards A Better Way to Find a Sports Handicapper Our idea when creating the site was simple. We wanted to provide an easy way to compare sports handicappers. We wanted to help bettors find the one (or ones) that best fit their needs. It is easy today for any handicapping service to put up a site and sell their picks.  This makes it difficult to know who is legitimately good as picking winners. That’s where we come in! We start by vetting each service that applies. We make sure they have shown an ability to provide customers with quality selections. […]

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Looking for your own handicapping website? We can build it for you! CLICK HERE FOR SITE DEMO Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Handicapper for A lot of handicappers want to join the other top professionals on If this includes you then these are the questions we need answered.  First you can apply here.  Or visit some of our resources, but before you do any of that I would request you ask yourself a few questions.  If you don’t have what it takes to be a handicapper.  No worries you can still. Become an Affilliate Purchase Handicapper Website 1.  Do you already sell your picks? If yes then send us the list of sites you are selling on by using our Contact Form or simply apply here. We will look at the prices and format of your subscriptions and packages to see if they are in line with ours. There are a few sites that we don’t want to associate ourselves with. If you are on one of those sites you will be ineligible to post on ours. If you don’t sell anywhere else that is alright too. It just takes a little more work to show you know […]

Guarantee Policy - was created to help bettors make money by betting on sports. Nearly all of the handicappers on our site guarantee their packages and subscriptions so that you either profit or else you will be compensated with a subscription of equal time free of charge. We do not offer a money back policy like some services do, but if our handicappers put together a losing performance then they do want to try and make things right. Most of our customers understand that you won’t win every single day, and that hitting over 70% for an entire season is not a realistic goal. All you have to shoot for is a season of hitting 55-60% on all of your bets and you can win quite a bit of money during that time. We often get emails and calls about a handicapper who lost a single pick or on a single day and the client calls the handicapper terrible or just guessing. The aspect of betting that these individuals do not understand is that our services focus on the long haul and not on day-to-day profits.  It is simply not possible to hit every single pick, period. Guarantee Policy 1. There is […]

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Are you looking for a professional handicapping website to sell picks and make a lot of money doing so? You can have your very own handicapping site within 48 hours! You don’t need any technical experience with managing websites whatsoever. Our solution is professional and easy to use! Features/What’s Included Sales Made Easy: Enter picks and create packages and subscriptions to sell all through the system. Customer Management: All sales processing is handled by us. You don’t need to worry about setting up a merchant account or dealing with operators who blacklist sports forecasters. Streamlined Content Management: Easily add articles, FAQ, reviews, etc. to your site. You control all site content. All sites are search engine optimized so that all of the content on your site will rank in the engines. Ability to sell picks and earn a % of the profits from any of the handicappers on All picks are monitored and graded by us, a name your visitors can trust. All packages and subscriptions are graded automatically so customers will get bonus subscriptions for losing purchases. If you do not submit a pick on any given day, you don’t need to worry about how to handle […]

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Looking for your own handicapping website? We can build you your very own handicapping website for just $100 – Depending on customization, but most people will charge you thousands we build it for you for only $100.  You don’t have to worry about content or anything you have access to sell, promote, and market over 100 handicappers who are winning every day.  There is plenty of inventory to market. Want to increase cash flow to your site by cashing in on the ever-growing sports handicapping industry? If you have a sports or gaming related site, you may be interested in signing up with our sports picks affiliate program! Why Join? It’s simple.  You want try as many money-making opportunities within the sports market as possible. This affiliate program has been designed to deliver earnings to all of our partners. We’ll give you the tools and our proven to help you monetize your site better than ever before. Cost There is no cost to join our affiliate program, $0.00.  All information and software are provided to you at no fee.  Your first step to get started today is to go to our signup page and register for an account. Potential There is significant […]


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The Hottest Handicappers Right Now -

Here is a list of the top handicapping experts over the recent history.  These handicappers are on a hot run right now and this page gives you an idea of who is hot and you can click on their handicapping name to see a full list of trends and history.

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