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Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Dec 05, 2021
Bucs vs. Falcons
51 -113
in 6h

Sunday card has the 100% NFL Divisional Game of the Year, AFC Total of the Month, an NFL Executive Level TIER and Sunday night Football. In hoops the lead play is an early NBA Game of the week and NCAAB Later, NFL Comp play below.

The NFL Comp play is on the Under in the Tampa at Atlanta game at 1:00 eastern. This game fits the powerful 17-1 Under system below which pertains to totals that are 48 or higher and passing attempts rations for the road team. The first meeting Atlanta outplayed Tampa on the road but was done in by costly turnovers in a higher scoring game. This go around should be lower scoring and we note that Tampa has played under in 4 of 5 and 17 of 22 vs the division. The Falcons are 11 of 14 under at home vs a team with a winning road record and have stayed under in 7 of 9 as a home dog. Look for this game to stay under today. On Sunday the Divisional Game of the Year headlines in the NFL along with an Executive level TIER, and the AFC Total Of the Month and Sunday night Football. In NBA Action we are on the early afternoon game as our Play of the week. NCAAB out later on. Jump on and end the week big. For the NFL Comp play. Go under the total Bucs vs Falcons. Rob V- Golden Contender Sports.


Sep 18, 2016viewSun22016BengalsSteelersaway3-73-33-77-716-243.548.0-8-4.5-

Nov 13, 2016viewSun102016BroncosSaintsaway7-03-30-1415-625-232.549.024.5-1.0-1.752.75WWU0

Dec 17, 2017viewSun152017PatriotsSteelersaway7-73-106-711-027-24-2.554.030.5-

Sep 23, 2018viewSun32018PatriotsLionsaway0-33-107-70-610-26-6.553.5-16-22.5-17.520.0-2.5LLU0

Sep 30, 2018viewSun42018SaintsGiantsaway0-712-07-314-833-18-3.551.51511.5-0.5-5.56.0WWU0

Oct 14, 2018viewSun62018RamsBroncosaway6-37-07-73-1023-20-7.050.53-4.0-7.55.751.75WLU0

Oct 28, 2018viewSun82018SaintsVikingsaway7-710-610-03-730-20-2.552.0107.5-2.0-2.754.75WWU0

Nov 18, 2018viewSun112018PanthersLionsaway7-70-30-312-719-20-3.548.0-1-4.5-9.06.752.25LLU0

Dec 09, 2018viewSun142018SaintsBuccaneersaway0-73-78-017-028-14-9.554.5144.5-

Dec 16, 2018viewSun152018PatriotsSteelersaway7-70-73-00-310-17-1.552.0-7-8.5-25.016.758.25LLU0

Dec 21, 2019viewSat162019TexansBuccaneersaway10-37-143-33-023-20-2.548.530.5-

Nov 01, 2020viewSun82020FortyninersSeahawksaway0-67-70-1420-1027-373.554.5-10-6.59.5-1.5-8.0LLO0

Nov 08, 2020viewSun92020SaintsBuccaneersaway14-017-00-07-338-33.550.53538.5-9.5-14.524.0WWU0

Nov 29, 2020viewSun122020ChiefsBuccaneersaway17-03-77-30-1427-24-3.553.03-0.5-

Dec 26, 2020viewSat162020FortyninersCardinalsaway7-30-37-06-620-124.548.5812.5-

Jan 16, 2021viewSat192020RavensBillsaway0-33-00-140-03-172.549.5-14-11.5-29.520.59.0LLU0

Oct 03, 2021viewSun42021BuccaneersPatriotsaway3-03-77-06-1019-17-7.049.02-5.0-

Nov 07, 2021viewSun92021PackersChiefsaway0-70-60-07-07-137.048.0-61.0-28.013.514.5LWU0

Dec 05, 2021viewSun132021BuccaneersFalconsaway

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-B  |  Dec 04, 2021
Wagner vs Stony Brook
+3½ -108 at pinnacle
Play Type: Premium

NCAAB MEMBERS ONLY on WAGNER at 6:30 eastern.

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Dec 04, 2021
Clippers vs Kings
PK -105 at linepros
Play Type: Premium
 The NBA Power System Play is on the LA. Clippers at 10:00 eastern. The Clippers have Double home loss revenge here against the Kings who dropped 14 on their home floor. The Clips have covered 5 straight here in Sacramento and the Kings have failed to cover 6 of 7 at home and are ranked 29th on defense.. For a system drop from the database consider that home teams off a road dog win at +2 or more that scored 122 or more and are off a previous loss are 5-21 ats long term vs a team off a road dog game. That 5-21 dips to 0-4 in divisional games. With the winning team 17-1 in the Series look for the Kings to get CLIPPED Tonight.  
Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-B  |  Dec 04, 2021
Southern Miss vs Southern Illinois
UNDER 125½ -110 Won
Play Type: Premium

NCAAB Platinum Supreme move UNDER Southern Miss at SoutHERN Illinois at 9:00 eastern. Move on the UNDER

Matchup Selection W/L
Soccer  |  Dec 04, 2021
Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund
OVER 3½ -120 Won
Play Type: Premium

The Bundlesiga Banger total is on the Over in the Munich vs BoRussia match at 12:30 eastern. A minimum of 4 goals has been scored in the last 4 games in this series. Munich has dominated winning 6 straight and while they are solid in the back Dortmund will find the back of the net at least once with their talented and young front line. Munich will find the back of the net 3-4 times as well here as this match flies over. These two play perhaps the most entertaining  games in the entire league. Look for this one to post over the total.

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Dec 04, 2021
Wake Forest vs Pittsburgh
-155 at Mirage
Play Type: Premium


Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Dec 04, 2021
Houston vs Cincinnati
-10 -110 at SC Consensus
Play Type: Free

Saturday card has 5 big College Football Championship plays including the Championship Game of the Year and an Executive Level TIER 1 Move. There is an NCAAB Platinum Supreme play, NBA and Soccer a huge card overall. Comp Play below.

The American Athletic Championship Play is on Cincinnati at 4:00 eastern. The Bearcats should get the cover here at home as they go for the undefeated season. The Bearcats have taken care of business vs the solid teams covering 5 straight vs teams with an 850 or better win percentage and they have covered 5 of 6 here vs Houston. The Cougars have won 11 straight after an opening game loss to Texas Tech. They have failed to cover 7 of 9 after scoring 40 or more and are 0-5 ats in December games. Cincy is 10-1 ats after allowing 100 or less yards rushing and are well balanced ranked 8th in the nation on both total yards allowed and points scored. With the tram with the better record having won 4 straight in this league championship. We will lay it with the Bearcats. On Saturday we have plays from noon to mid night with 5 big Football plays led by an Executive Level TIER 1 and the Championship Game of the Year. In hoops we have a solid NCAAB Card led by an Platinum Supreme, a Big NBA Play and soccer. Jump on and cash out all day and night. For the Comp play. Go with Cincinnati. Rob V- Golden Contender Sports

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Dec 04, 2021
Iowa vs Michigan
+11 -110 at linepros
Play Type: Top Premium

The BIG 10 Championship Play is on Iowa at 8:00 eastern. The Hawkeyes can hang in here as they are #1 in takeaways and have the #13 overall defense. They have covered 5 of 6 as a dog and 5 of 7 vs a winning team. The Wolverines may be a bit flat here over a monster win last week as a home dog over Ohio St. They apply to a negative championship system that is cashing 96% percent long term based on that premise. Michigan has failed to cover 4 of 5 in neutral field games and are 0-4 ats in December and 2-6 ats vs a winning team. Ferentz is solid as a dog in this spot  and big 10 Championship Dogs are 8-1 ats. Michigan may win but Iowa covers.

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Dec 04, 2021
Appalachian State vs UL-Lafayette
+3 -110 at SC Consensus
Play Type: Premium

The Sun Belt Power System Play is on UL.LAFAYETTE Plus the points at 3:30 eastern. The Cajuns have covered 4 of 5 as a dog and 5 of 7 vs winning teams. App. St has failed to cover 5 of 6 on the road vs a winning team and 4 of 5 after allowing 280 or less yards. The Powerful System here pertains to revenging teams with Top level win percentages  as these teams are a lousy 3-19 long term. App St was smoked here by 28 and while they will be closer today we see another Cajun win. Take the points.

The BONUS NCAAB Power Play for Afternoon action is on Cleveland St at 4:00 eastern. Cleveland St is the far better defensive team and have looked goo so far this season winning 5 straight after a pair of losses to top level teams to open the season. They have covered 20 of 28 on Saturdays and 8 of 10 at home vs a team with a losing road record. Wright St is one of the Worst team in the nation on defense ranked an awful 330th on the season allowing nearly 80 points per game. The Raiders are off a win and are likely to bounce here as they are 0-5 ats off a win, have failed to cover 6 of 7 on the road and are 1-10 ats overall of late. Look for Cleveland St to Cover.

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Dec 04, 2021
Kent State vs Northern Illinois
Northern Illinois
+3½ -110 at Mirage
Play Type: Premium

The MAC Conference Power System play is on Northern Illinois at 12 noon eastern. The Huskies had won 10 straight in this series before losing at Kent by 5 earlier this season. That loss sets up a powerful revenge system that plays on Conference championship teams off a loss vs a team off a win that allows 20 or more points per game. There is a perfect subset to this system and we note that MAC Championship dogs are 6-2 and 7-1 to the spread. Kent is 0-5 ats after scoring 40 or more. NIU has covered 4 of 5 vs a winning team, has a better record and is 5-1 ats after allowing 200+ rush yards. Take the points.

BONUS BIG 12 Play is on the UNDER in the Baylor vs Ok. ST BIG 12 Championship at 12 noon eastern. Both teams have solid defenses and Baylor Starting QB Bohannon may be out or hobbled here. These teams played under in the OK.St home win here earlier in the season and there are at least 8 Powerful Under Indicators attached to this game. Hard to go with a side here as OK. St is off a huge win over Oklahoma and revengers like Baylor vs a team with a better record are 1-12. So the game trending Under is the best way to go here.

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-F  |  Dec 04, 2021
Georgia vs Alabama
-5½ -114 at pinnacle
Play Type: Premium

EXECUTIVE LEVEL TIER 1 on GEORGIA at 4;00 eastern. Move on the Bulldogs


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