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I am monitored by four different third party monitors (found on my records page) and winner of several national awards. My plays are based on a 1-5 unit scale so the units you see won below aren't based on a 100 unit winner. Rather I take a long term winning approach with a successful return on investment (R.O.I.) I have profited in my career on every sport for play of the days. Otherwise known as "POD's" as I like to call them.

POD's are my signature plays and I have profits of 200.19U, 77.38U, 70.24U, 63.19U, 14.52U in all 5 sports that I handicap. All 5 sport POD reports are linked below. Please do not hesitate in contacting my support team for a complete history.

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NCAAF | December 16th, 2017 - 8:01 PM
5.5% max rated ncaaf pod 28-4 ATS lifetime in Dec

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12/16/17 Top Sports Picks
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Jeff Alexander's has his $1,000 Players Up $74,000 long-term!

--EPIC 44-25 (64%) RUN L12 DAYS-- **4 Top 10 Finishes Overall (#10 in 2016)**!

3x Top 5 NFL Handicapper (#1 NFL Capper 2014)! Take your bookie out back and give him the beating he deserves with Alexander's *CHARGERS/CHIEFS SIDE & TOTAL PARLAY*

**29-19 (60%) L38 NFL ATS PICKS**

Jeff GUARANTEES TO GO 2-0 or you'll get his next NFL card for FREE! 

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