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Freddy Wills | Payne Sports
Top Trends
Pick Sport Type Unit Class Date W / L
testing NCAAF GUAR 1 Spread 2015-09-27 Pending 0
Alabama -10 NCAAF GUAR 4.95 Spread 2014-11-15 Loss 495
Virginia Tech +4 NCAAF GUAR 5.5 Spread 2014-11-15 Win 500
Georgia -2.5 NCAAF GUAR 4.4 Spread 2014-11-15 Win 400
Arkansas NCAAF GUAR 5.5 Spread 2014-11-15 Win 500
Miami +110 NCAAF GUAR 5 Money Line 2014-11-15 Loss 500
Cincinatti +2.5 NCAAF GUAR 5.5 Spread 2014-11-13 Win 500
Buffalo +4 NFL GUAR 3.3 Spread 2014-11-13 Loss 330
Buffalo -1 NFL GUAR 5.5 Spread 2014-11-10 Loss 550
Miami +3 NFL GUAR 4.95 Spread 2014-11-10 Loss 495

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