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I am monitored by five different third party sports monitors (found in the right column) and winner of several national awards. Every single one of my plays are off a 1-5 unit approach and is based on a conservative approach with strict sports betting money management.

Play of the days otherwise known as my POD's are my signature plays and I have shown a consistent profit across all 5 sports that I handicap. Each sports POD prospectus can be found linked below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact my support team for a complete history.



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Pick Sport Type Unit Class Date W / L
LATech/Navy Over 67.5 POD NCAAF GUAR 4.4 Total 2016-12-23 Win 4000
LA Tech -6.5 NCAAF GUAR 2.2 Spread 2016-12-22 Loss -2200
Wyoming +10 NCAAF GUAR 3.3 Spread 2016-12-21 Win 3000
Western Kentucky -6.5 NCAAF GUAR 3.3 Spread 2016-12-20 Win 3000
Central Michigan +14 NCAAF GUAR 2.2 Spread 2016-12-19 Loss -2200
Titans +220 3% NFL GUAR 3 Money Line 2016-12-18 Win 6600
Chargers +125 2% NFL GUAR 2 Money Line 2016-12-18 Loss -2000
Jaguars +3.5 2.2% NFL GUAR 2.2 Spread 2016-12-18 Win 2000
Bears +4.5 POD NFL GUAR 5.5 Spread 2016-12-18 Win 5000
UTSA +7.5 4.4% POD NCAAF GUAR 4.4 Spread 2016-12-17 Win 4000

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