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August 20, 2016 | Posted By Freddy Wills

What is the difference between packages and subscriptions?

Packages include a single pick or a set of picks. Subscriptions include all picks released for the time frame listed.

Pick Availability

How do I access my picks?

Click the “View Your Picks” button at the bottom of the confirmation page.

Picks are also sent via email.

You can login to your account at any time to view your picks.

What happens to my subscription when a handicapper passes or there are no games in that sport for a day?

Your subscription extends for each day picks are not released.

What time can I expect the picks each day?

At least 30 minutes before game time. Exact release times vary by handicapper.

I bought picks, why aren’t they showing up?

Your subscription is active. Your handicapper has not yet released his picks. You will receive them as soon as they become available.

How do I know how many picks I will receive in my package or subscription?

All packages list the number of picks included in their description.

The exact number of picks for a subscription will vary based on handicapper and duration.

Purchasing & Pricing

Are there any recurring charges?

No. There are never recurring charges.

Why was my card charged more than once?

Failed transactions may show as pending charges on your card. These charges will not complete. Allow 1-2 business days for them to fall off of your account.

For duplicate purchases contact customer service for refund options.

Do you offer a trial period on premium picks?

Sorry, no. Many handicappers do provide daily free picks.

Can I upgrade a short-term subscription to long-term?

Yes! Login to your user profile and click the active subscription tab. Use the upgrade button to extend your subscription.

We subtract the cost of the short-term subscription from the long-term subscription price.

Can I combine packages/subscriptions from different handicappers for a discount?

Each handicapper is a separate entity. We are not able to combine them at a discount by request.

Are season subscriptions pro-rated based on time of year?

Most of the time, yes. Each season subscription lists the date the price was last updated.


How does the guarantee work?

If you purchase a package or subscription that does not profit, you get an equal day or days added to your account.

Subscriptions are automatically extended for any days your handicapper passes.

Only your initial purchase carries a guarantee.

Freddy Wills also offers a special guarantee, but those picks must be purchase on or Freddy also offers a delivery method by text message.

When will I receive my guaranteed picks?

The guarantee begins the morning after a losing pick, package, or subscription.

Picks may not be available immediately. You will receive notification via email when they are.

If you have opted-out of email notifications, you must login to check for picks.

Are season subscriptions guaranteed?

No, they are not.

Handicappers price their season subscriptions at a discount since they are not guaranteed.

Are free picks the same as premium plays?

Free picks are not included in any leaderboard records. Handicappers provide free picks as an example of what their premium picks are like.

Profit Calculation

How are handicapper profits calculated?

We calculate profit for picks with negative juice like wagers to win $100.

We calculate profit for picks with positive juice like $100 risk wagers.

Records & Results

Where do I find previous seasons results?

The leaderboard archive displays the results for past seasons.

Click “View Picks” under premium pick streaks on a handicapper’s page for detailed results.

Odds & Betting

Should I still bet a game if I can’t get the line the handicapper recommends?

Most handicappers update their analysis if they no longer recommend a pick because of a line move. Login to your account to view any updates.

What is the recommended amount for betting each play?

Only bet what you are comfortable with. Pick a sound money management plan and stick with it.

How do I find a play on a specific game?

Visit the sports schedule page for packages that include specific games.


Can I contact my handicapper?

Sorry, no. Contact customer service with any questions.

Why do some handicappers not post analysis?

Not all handicappers want to share their strategy for picking winners.

How do I know who is good?

We have several resources to help you find our best handicappers:

Other key resources from lead handicapper Freddy Wills

What do the ratings displayed by some handicappers mean?

Ratings vary by handicapper. There is no standard used by all services. Refer to the service bio at the bottom of a handicapper’s page for more details.


Why didn’t I receive my plays via email?

You may have opted-out of our emails. Login to your account profile and make sure receive emails is set to yes. Click the edit profile button to make changes.


How can I change my password?

Use the password reset form.  You can do this by clicking login at the top right of the page.

I forgot my user name, can you send it to me?

Use the username recovery form.