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Top NFL Handicapping Leaderboard

September 9, 2016 | Posted By Freddy Wills


Below you will find the top NFL handicapping leaderboard.  This is a career look back at our leaders and you can see what they have done over a long period of time!

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Top Trends
Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
Jeff Alexander+7978.058145955.9%2013-09-30
Jeff Hochman+6806.023114661.3%2011-11-27
Dennis Macklin+6594.041331556.7%2014-10-19
Vic Duke+6430.060148755.2%2010-10-11
Scott Rickenbach+6020.049740055.4%2012-09-10
Dave Price+5041.039731555.8%2012-09-30
John Martin+4793.027120257.3%2016-11-21
Rob Vinciletti+4318.072261554.0%2009-11-08
Matt Fargo+4254.078367253.8%2008-09-04
Jack Jones+4176.020514758.2%2016-11-20
Marc David+3673.024018456.6%2015-12-14
Kyle Hunter+3666.035028755.0%2010-12-12
Brandon Lee+3557.048941354.2%2012-09-20
Zack Cimini+3344.016611758.7%2014-12-21
Trev Rogers+3301.054947053.9%2012-10-11
Stephen Nover+3080.044336554.8%2011-12-11
Art Aronson+2955.029323955.1%2015-10-08
Johnny Banks+2932.0107094253.2%2011-12-11
Info Plays+2394.057350153.4%2011-11-20
Larry Ness+2390.01248958.2%2018-09-16
Jim Feist+2266.0916159.9%2018-12-03
Teddy Davis+2257.01228858.1%2017-11-26
Freddy Wills+2250.01189156.5%2017-12-03
Matt Josephs+2047.0976858.8%2018-09-09
Rocky Atkinson+1954.01219356.5%2013-12-15

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