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August 20, 2016 | Posted By Freddy Wills

Welcome! If you are looking for someone to help you win more betting on sports, or you are just looking for an expert who can help you learn more about what it takes to win money consistently, you have come to the right place! We do not just let anyone onto our handicapping roster. Our handicappers are either veterans in the industry, or young handicappers who have proven themselves by winning and providing excellent analysis on their recommended wagers.  With so many to choose from we have put together a recommended list of top handicappers to follow.

We also have records going even further back than one year. Below are the best trends available for our handicappers for all sports. The profit margins are quite large, and these are with standard $100 per game bet on each betting recommendation.  The since column clues you in to when the winning streak started.

All Sports Top Trends
Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
Jack Jones+30949.07819692953.0%2012-01-03
Kyle Hunter+29088.08415753352.8%2010-01-13
Jeff Hochman+21172.01487115556.3%2012-10-27
John Martin+15282.08737820051.6%2016-01-12
Info Plays+14816.03266301852.0%2020-08-02
Jimmy Boyd+14555.53999363652.4%2018-01-20
Calvin King+11913.03088277152.7%2021-11-09
Jeff Alexander+11317.07202661452.1%2013-11-30
Marc Lyle+11202.03445288454.4%2013-10-14
Zack Cimini+10655.02496223252.8%2015-08-19
Bobby Conn+10618.06163579451.5%2017-09-16
Rocky's Lock Club+9187.03763328153.4%2013-01-13
Mike Lundin+7948.01384115854.5%2021-12-10
Alex Smart+7618.044933857.0%2023-12-19
Rob Vinciletti+6189.57641654353.9%2014-10-04
Doc's Sports+6038.02536237851.6%2019-07-09
John Ryan+6014.02368219052.0%2016-09-03
R&R Totals+5989.02508224752.7%2018-05-05
Ricky Tran+5989.071150758.4%2023-03-10
Rocky Atkinson+5982.01379120353.4%2018-02-11
Dave Price+5880.06465586852.4%2011-06-08
Brandon Lee+5320.061050354.8%2023-04-19
Mr. East+5166.01281114652.8%2018-12-10
Steve Janus+4795.085177452.4%2023-04-14
Black Widow+4676.02154194752.5%2021-10-16